He’s never seen the light, he only feels the heat

The title of this blog is my mother’s favorite way to describe my ex and boy, has she nailed it. If I had to pick a sentence to capture it all, that’d be the one.

As always, things have come full circle with ElChuba Douchebag. (Half mythical being/half douchebag)

The kids are back in counseling, we’re headed back to Court. He wants his child support reduced – all about money. I want supervised visits reinstated – all about kids’ well-being.

It’s only been 6 months since we agreed to let him have these unsupervised visits and it’s been a nightmare. One thing after another. He doesn’t have money for food to feed them, can’t get them, he’s gotta do this, do that, tells the kids to fight with me so they can come live with him (yes, that really happened, i.e…so he doesn’t have to pay support) tells the kids I’m a pain in the ass.

My youngest son has had enough. Every visit is this coax and wait, is he going, isn’t he. Do I help? Do I not? If he doesn’t go, its days of hell with EX its all my fault, yada yada, If he does go, its days of hell because I have to hold him while he cries and watch him struggle with his emotions. It’s pretty said to hear your 8 year son say “I want to go back to seeing Dad at the visitation center. That was the only time he did what he was supposed to because somebody is watching him and he pretends to be good.”

The kid is just as God made him, discerning. He thinks about things logically and he figures people out pretty quick.  

Things have gotten a little creepy for me too. Drunk phone calls at 1am. pretend texts from his girlfriend saying that she thinks she’s standing in the way of us getting back together and being a happy family.
Yeh, this whole divorce and remarriage thing? Just for shits and giggles people. It’s all been a sad ploy to see how much we’re meant to be together.
Text messages from his phone that his ‘friend’ sent that says “I want you to get rid of Jereme or whoever and come back home, or I’ll come there. I’m your husband and I always will be.” (shiver)

I can’t even review everything that has happened in the last six months because I’d be writing forever. But, Its so horrific that I made yet another request of the Court and the hearing is on the 16th.

Mentally prepare for the drama to unfold when he gets served notice.

Here we go again.

4 thoughts on “He’s never seen the light, he only feels the heat

  1. Just spent a half hour comforting Jarrod through another headache and belly ache because he doesn’t want to go to his Dad’s tomorrow. Wants me to take him to my Mom & Dad’s before he gets here to pick up so he’s safe.

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