I absolutely hate moving

Hate it.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there are sooooo many positives coming out of this move I would do nothing but complain. I hate packing. I hate moving and I especially hate it because everyone keeps telling me what I can’t do. Don’t push myself. Slow down. Take breaks. Don’t pick that up. Stop bending over. My mother is driving me crazy. Telling me how I should just wait a couple more weeks to move and continue healing from my surgery. Boo! I just want it over with already. Things are finally moving, fast but I’m ok with that.

If I haven’t mentioned it already, I quit-claimed my house to my EX. The house is still financed in both of our names so, it just made more sense than selling in this market. Plus, it puts him in a more stable, consistent enviroment that the kids are already familiar with. And since we’re moving less than 3 miles away, it will be so much easier to co-parent with him. I hope anyways. I just know we all need to heal and move forward and that’s what I’m trying to do. Best foot forward.

Did I also mention that my daughter has pneumonia??? I don’t know how 5  year olds get these things but, she’s got it and it I just feel so bad for her. She looks and sounds horrible. But, she’s much better today than yesterday.

Ok….blog over….back to boxes. I took my ordered 5 min break.

2 thoughts on “I absolutely hate moving

  1. Moving sucks, three miles or three states away. I hope you got everything settled and that Trin is feeling better now.

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