Today as I was driving my son to school we began to talk about inauguration day. They have been talking about it at school and he has been very excited and engaged in politics since the election. That in and of itself has been pretty amusing. Really, hearing political views from your seven year old is pretty humbling and surprising simple and logical.

But back to today, in the car, as we were waiting for the bus, my son began to tell me that today was important because Barack Obama was our first African-American President. I told him he was right and it was very important day for our country. We sat for another moment, before he said “Mom, what does African-American mean?

I sat in shock for a moment as I realized that my son didn’t understand that there ever was a difference where skin colors where concerned.

I explained that there had never been a black President before.

Another moment passed and then he asked, “Why not?

Good question, kid. See how simple this is?

And for some reason, I just got an overwhelming sense of pride in my son, in myself, in our generation, just in the realization that we are moving forward to a time where our children really don’t notice a difference in skin color and that we all can  move foward towards a common goal as the human race.

We’ll probably get a lot more accomplished.

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