IMs 10/09/2008

cmagohneo (10:09:39 PM): i need to see my kids its been long enough
stephiemneo (10:11:19 PM): I don’t know what your problem is or who you think you are, but there are some lines you don’t cross and some dealbreakers that takes all negotiations off the table….you crossed that line
stephiemneo (10:12:22 PM): Kids instincts are dead on about you, you don’t care, you’re ready to sign them over like a car….
stephiemneo (10:13:42 PM): You’re right though, Jer should adopt them.
cmagohneo (10:14:19 PM): let me see my kids
stephiemneo (10:16:01 PM): You own up, tell it to a judge….I’m done. You want Jer to adopt them, he’s more than willing to.
stephiemneo (10:16:25 PM): I’ll get you the papers you asked for.
cmagohneo (10:16:53 PM): u have the papers its all about money to you
stephiemneo (10:17:12 PM): If it was all about the money, I never would’ve been with you
cmagohneo (10:17:36 PM): 1400 dollars a month
stephiemneo (10:17:49 PM): You just tell yourself whatever makes you feel better, hun. You WANT Jer to adopt him, he will, money isn’t an issue to him…..just the kids.
cmagohneo (10:17:53 PM): this will be printed
cmagohneo (10:18:07 PM): the kids will see u for what u r
stephiemneo (10:18:24 PM): Wow, you’re delusional
stephiemneo (10:18:32 PM): I didn’t say I was giving my kids away over money
stephiemneo (10:18:34 PM): You just did
cmagohneo (10:18:41 PM): no money,yea
cmagohneo (10:18:56 PM): i just want to see them
stephiemneo (10:19:06 PM): Whatever
cmagohneo (10:19:18 PM): i just want to see them
cmagohneo (10:19:29 PM): u r evil
cmagohneo (10:19:37 PM): how do u sleep
stephiemneo (10:19:42 PM): Very well
cmagohneo (10:19:54 PM): so does the devil
cmagohneo (10:20:00 PM): greed
stephiemneo (10:20:02 PM): You would know
cmagohneo (10:20:19 PM): the kids will see
stephiemneo (10:20:27 PM): They already do
cmagohneo (10:20:38 PM): your version
cmagohneo (10:20:46 PM): drama
stephiemneo (10:20:59 PM): That’s like the pot calling the kettle black
cmagohneo (10:21:05 PM): nomoredramamomma
cmagohneo (10:21:17 PM): your black
cmagohneo (10:21:46 PM): u r not black
cmagohneo (10:21:50 PM): sorry
cmagohneo (10:22:01 PM): i just miss my kids
stephiemneo (10:22:11 PM): Geesh, please go away you’re making no sense and I’m busy with class
cmagohneo (10:22:26 PM): and u are keeping them from me but taking my money
stephiemneo (10:22:34 PM): No….
stephiemneo (10:22:39 PM): That’s not true
cmagohneo (10:22:55 PM): i want to see my kids on my way there
stephiemneo (10:23:16 PM): DO NOT COME HERE
cmagohneo (10:23:25 PM): call the cops i want my children
cmagohneo (10:23:36 PM): i want to see my kids
stephiemneo (10:23:48 PM): Go sober up
cmagohneo (10:23:50 PM): its been long enough
cmagohneo (10:24:02 PM): i dont drink
stephiemneo (10:24:05 PM): We don’t need any drama
stephiemneo (10:24:26 PM): Good night

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