She’s finally lost it

For the last couple days I have been extremely nauseated. It’s been horrible. I was pretty sure it was stress.

This morning I woke up and it was 100x worse, I started vomiting, the room was spinning…etc, etc. Despite that, I got all dressed up, heels and all, took the kids to daycare, went to work, where I got sick again and promptly had to leave.
I made a dr. appointment. He says I must have something viral, put me on a liquid diet for 2 days, wrote me a script, a dr. note to stay home from work today and tomorrow and then ordered me to come home and go to bed (see how well I listen).

When I went to the front desk to get my prescription, the snotty new girl starts telling me how my insurance isn’t any good and I need to pay for my visit up front. I explain to her that it’s an insurance mistake, I am covered, I will take care of it and call them with the info and she insists I must pay for this and that. This is the point where I finally lost it.

I had a complete emotional breakdown, right there, in front of EVERYONE.

I know, I’m exhausted, I’m sick and I’m under insane amounts of stress, but still, not so classy to be crying in front of the bitchy office staff while they look at me like I’m nuts. Thankfully, the office manager, who knows EVERYTHING about me, my situation and knows that I’ve been a patient there for 10+ years, promptly handed Miss Thing her ass on a platter and sent me on my way.

I cried the whole way home.
I just really don’t know how much more I can take. I just want all this custody dispute and legal horseshit to be done and over with. It’s too much stress.


After writing this, I went upstairs to lay down as directed by my doctor and I couldn’t sleep because the phone kept ringing. Guess who it was? The car loan company, calling to ask me where the payment for EX’s Jeep is. He was 33 days late with August’s payment and now September’s payment is 19 days past due, with October’s payment due in 11 days. I explain to them that we are divorced, he was given the Jeep in the divorce, he is responsible for payments, they tell me that the civil dispute between us has nothing to do with the contract we signed that holds me legally responsible for the payment. When I ask them if they are calling him at home, on his cell and at work they tell me that when they call they are told it’s a wrong number. I verify the numbers with them, they are correct, I tell them he calls me from those numbers almost every night. They tell me there is nothing they can do. Except harass me apparently.

(insert lots of obscenity laced screaming here)

When I asked EX to take care of this, he told me he did. When I called him and confronted him about it telling him it was still past due, he told me that he used the car payment money to pay for the guardian ad litem.

That means it took him nearly two months to come up with $350 for the guardian ad litem fees, NOT PAYING THE JEEP PAYMENT as well, which gave him an additional $450 dollars, yet somehow he found the money to go out of town on Labor Day with his skanky girlfriend.

He actually told me the other day that I should pay it since he gives me “FREE MONEY” i.e. child support, every month because he has a $2000 mortgage payment to pay every month.

No, your skanky hoe has a $2000 a month mortgage payment and let us not forget that she is a Director of Nursing, so she makes good money and she also gets “free money” every month for her 3 kids.

Tell me again, how is this now my problem?

In a round about way, it’s as if it’s more important to keep a roof over her kids’ heads than his own?

Words just don’t surmise to describe how much I loathe him right now.

Seriously, I’m gonna snap.

Perhaps, it’s time to start summoning the bitch he and his family make me out to be.

After all, I hate to disappoint.

3 thoughts on “She’s finally lost it

  1. ah. steph. i am so sorry things are going this way. i know exactly how it feels to watch things go from bad to worse and you just want to go to sleep to avoid seeing what is next. there are no good words in these moments, only sitting in silence, being there for eachother and praying, in time, this will all get better. my heart breaks for you. hang in there. you are loved. and SCREW THEM! (((hugs)))

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