Jedi was in a car accident this morning.

He was on the mini-bus from daycare to school, when a truck swerved over into the lane and hit the bus, shattering the driver’s window and jolting the kids around. Thankfully, the kids were all ok. Just really shook up and some bumps and bruises. Thankfully, it happened right in front of the Fire Dept so, police, ambulance, fire trucks were on the scene ASAP and right around the corner from my work.

They released him to me at the scene and I took him to the ER to be checked out because he was complaining about his neck and back hurting and he has a bump and bruise on his left cheek where his face hit the window or wall of the bus.

Getting that phone call was the worst. My heart just sank into my stomach. I think what made it worse was that I had some kind of a premonition about this happening last week. Almost eveyday last week, I kept thinking about it and I’d tell myself I was being paranoid, he was safe, etc, etc… and then it happened.

Seeing his little tear soaked face step off the bus and being able to wrap my arms around his little body again, was the best feeling in the whole world. It was hard not to cry. I was just so thankful he was ok.

When I got him to my car, I just held his little face in my hands and kissed him all over, telling him that he was ok. And the amazing thing, was the peace my own child gave me in the moment. The first few things he said to me were… that he was scared and thought he was going to die, but that all he could think about was how happy he was yesterday with his family, and how Jesus would keep him safe. He said right after it happened he thanked Jesus for keeping him safe and that he knew his angel was with him.

As terrible of a thought it is to think that your child could be gone in a second, how comforting to know that’s what he thought about.

I feel so bad for him. It just seems like every safe thing he has known or loved in his life has been stripped away from him this past year. I know that might sound silly, but I just feel like nothing is safe anymore and it just hurts worse to hear my son vocalize things like that. And the worst part is, as a parent, is feeling there was nothing I could do to stop any of it. I can’t even describe what that feels like.

3 thoughts on “Accident

  1. i’m glad you’re back. and i’m REALLY glad jarrod is okay. i can only imagine how horrible that was for him. poor baby!!! you’re such a great mom. he’s blessed.

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