I went to lunch with my Dad and the kids after church. We ate, the kids played, we talked and then we went our way and he went his, which is over to Oma’s (my grandmother – his mother) house for his weekly Sunday afternoon visit. About an hour later, I got a panicked call from my Mom asking if I could give her a ride downtown to the hospital so she could meet my Dad there, who was following my grandmother in an ambulance. I guess when he got over there, she was really out of sorts, wasn’t making sense, slurred speech, etc, etc. So he had taken here to an urgent care center and after examining her they called an ambulance.

My Dad was so upset and emotional. I felt so badly for him. When I put my arms around him to hug him, he was just shaking. It’s not often I see my father in such a condition.

They kept her overnight last night. They’re running all kinds of test to figure out what’s going on. Nothing they saw yesterday, pointed to a heart attack or stroke, but they were planning on doing an MRI today.

It’s just weird.  I actually went by the cemetery this past week, on what would’ve been my grandfather’s 80th birthday. I was really close to him. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was 13 years old. Anyways, while I was there, I had dusted some stuff away from the head stone and I remember that I thought to myself how weird it was that my grandmother’s name was already on the other side of the stone. It’s been there for some 14 years, and I’ve seen it before, but for some reason, on that day last week it just seemed strange.

Do you ever wonder if even little thoughts like that, little things that grab your attention when they normally wouldn’t, are little premonitions?

Another kinda creepy thing that happened was that when we were in the emergency room waiting for some word on Oma, I looked up and there was this State Trooper, walking towards me, looking right at me. *see post below* It’s not often that I cross paths with one, in fact I can’t remember if I ever have, other than seeing them on a public service announcement or the news or something. So, to see one in the flesh, so soon after having this so life like, real feeling, bad dream, kinda gave me the heebie geebies.

Anyways, this is all just distrction talk for what’s plaguing my mind, worrying about Oma. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.



7 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. i was reading another blog and clicked on of their blog rings, i found ur blog, i thought i would say hello…..and yes i think that little things that we wouldn’t normally pay attention to can be premonitions…..

  2. I worry all the time about thoughts like that.  I always think they are premonitions.
    How is your Grandmother??  Have they found out anything yet?  I hope everything is going to be okay. 
    I can’t wait to start him on regular milk.  I tell you, that formula is expensive!!!  We’ll be saving an extra $50 a week when we can finally switch over. 

  3. Oma.  That means grandma in German, doesn’t it?
    I just read your past post too, so I’m going to comment on that as well, but before I do, I want you to know that I sent up a little word to the higher power for you.  You’re in my thoughts, and I really hope that everything turns out okay.
    So I’ve done a lot of research on dreams and their meanings.  When Chris and I first got back together, I had this rancid recurring dream about him breaking up with me again.  It wasn’t the exact same dream every time, but the theme was the same, much like yours, and I woke up nearly every morning around three a.m. very disoriented and freaked out.
    Yes, I went and bought books on what dreams mean, the study of dreams in reality, etc.  Basically, that was the one thing I was worried about, getting hurt again, and it materialized in my subconcious.  Maybe your dreams don’t have to be prophetic.  Maybe you’re just expecting him to let you down again, which by dying, he would do.  I know that you’ve given up hope on him as a person, which could possibly signify “death” in a way.  You’re illusions are dying.  Who you thought he was has died. 
    Then again, I’m not a dream analyst.  I’m just a weirdo with dreams of my own who really wanted to make sure I wasn’t having prophetic dreams about my life…

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