More later

Money situation sucks badly. I needed my job, but my kids need me more. I’d buy lottery tickets if I could spare a couple bucks. I just want a fairie, genie, wealthy relative or friend to show up on the scene. Alternatively, I’d take a frozen strawberries and creme frappo from Starbucks to distract myself. The problems will return when I finsih it of course, but 15-20 mins of sheer happiness…. I hate money. Money is the least of my problems but the root of all them as well.

Who is this Paulo singer dude, and why is he stalking me? I’ve seen his face a least five times this morning in passing, clicking through…it’s starting to weird me out.

Horrible dreams last night – horrible. I don’t know what they mean, but i’m sure they are fed by my subconscience’s underlying feeling that something bad is going to happen. Death, I’m afraid is calling …. someone.


more later…

4 thoughts on “More later

  1. (((((hugs))))))i feel you sweetie. hang in there. isn’t it funny we can encourage each other but don’t believe we will overcome all the shit in our own lives? i liked your last blog. not in the sense that the children are having to go through this, but sometimes it is good to know that they see the truth and we don’t have to bad mouth anyone. your quote was SO true. keep your head up.

  2. like the new layout….:)
    and the death may be that of the realationship with dipshit.
    man when it rains it pours here. i gotta message you my story of what is going on. it’s like jen and rudy just this time i am rudy. not a good place to be at the moment.

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