I hate this 6/28/07

I had to take the day off work today. I’ve spent the whole day talking to counselors, social workers, police officiers and attorneys. There was an emergency order filled with the court to stop visitations. Well, not stopped, but they are to be supervised by a social worker at a Family Visitation Center, because while I don’t want the kids to not see their Dad and make any of this any harder than it already is, 1) his house is not an option anymore and; 2) I can’t trust him not to badger the kids, or tell them their lying or distort things for him.

I hate this. I hate all of it.

3 thoughts on “I hate this 6/28/07

  1. oh, girl. i am so sorry this is happening. those children are BLESSED that they have you as a mother. and you are BLESSED to have jeremy. your family will be in my thoughts as you deal with all of this. we went through some similar stuff when we were getting full custody of the husband’s daughter. it’s not fun, but you are dealing with it properly. i hate this for you.

  2. man Steph, i’m so sorry to hear about this. but I’m glad it was brought out. I couldn’t believe it when I read the post. Just keep strong ok. You did the right thing by pouncing on the issue and getting the law involved. I’m still mad reading about it but I will keep my thoughts to myself. Hope the kids are doing ok.

  3. I try to find the glimmer of hope in it, that they did feel safe enough here and with their counselors to let it out, and that it didn’t go any further than it already did.
    As for thier “father” – It’s very hard not to be consumed by anger at this point.
    But I know I have a lot of people praying for us, and I can feel that… it helps.

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