So there’s been a lot that I haven’t written about lately.

Like, the El Chupa not seeing the kids for two weeks, that when he did he used the time to bad mouth me and tell the kids I am a liar and that I’m keeping them away from him, that I take all his money to explain why he wouldn’t stop and get them an ice cream cone on the way home, what little money he does have goes to buy gas to come get them…. (which is interesting considering that’s been once every two weeks at this point, and that he drives a company vehicle, and has that gas provided for him 5 days a week while he works). Then, as an added bonus, he’s been starting in on Pickle about coming to live with him. Just Pickle.


Last Friday when he was supposed to get them he called and said he would just get Pickle and Diva, because he didn’t want to have to bring Jedi all the way back out here Saturday for his baseball game, and then he doesn’t show. He calls and says that he doesn’t have a witness to come with him to get the kids…however his girlfirend was there earlier running her mouth in the background and egging him on… so he asks if he can come get them all after Jedi’s game for a couple hours to go to his sister’s graduation party (to look good for his family no doubt) and then bring them home. And I told him no… I said it’s been almost two weeks since you’ve seen them, how do you think it’s gonna make them feel that you’re coming to get them for a couple hours and they can’t spend the night like they always do. And he says, “I’m about ready to be fuckin done with all of you, just so I don’t have to deal with this shit.”

EXCUSE ME?!? I start crying and obviousely get upset asking him if he really just said that? His solution…to hang up on me and call back and record himself leaving a message saying that we must have a bad connection or something becuase when he just called someone picked up and hung up. This is his way of covering his ass somehow. It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid.

Monday when he talked to them, I listened in as the therapist recommended, his conversation with Pickle went something like, I love you and miss you soooo much, won’t it be cool when we can see each other everyday while his conversations with Jedi and Diva were just hi, how are you doing, ok bye.

Then last night 20 mins before he’s supposed to get the kids, he calls and leaves a message that he would like to speak to the children. Not even a minute later I have Diva call him back and she said he didn’t answer the phone. wtf? Then he calls back around 7:30 and I had Pickle pick it up. HIs end of the conversation was “I love you too, I miss you too….I love you too, I miss you too” and then he said ok, bye and hung up the phone and when I pointed out he was supposed to give the phone to Jedi and Diva, he replied “Daddy was the one who hung up“. wtf is he doing now?

Really, I’m sure in his head, in some scheme he’s got cooked up, this makes sense and it’s supposed to make Pickle want to live there or me just… give him up? I don’t know. I just can’t figure how this guy can really make people believe I’m keeping the kids from him. All he has to do is drive out here and pick them up, but in order to get away from that fact he’s started saying he has to have a witness because of the CPO, even though the CPO provides he can pick up and drop off the kids here. It also says he can go to their extra-cirricular activities, but he doesn’t do that either. How can people really buy into this horseshit? I mean seriously… if you’re a parent or you know a good parent, then you know…NOTHING could keep them away from their child. Hell, even if he had a restraining order against me and I had to do all the driving to see my kids, you better believe I’d be at any given opportunity to interact with them.


And today should be oodles of fun. My attorney just called and told me that the process server will be going out to serve him with court papers today and that he’d call me beforehand so I had some notice, because he, and I, believe it’s going to set him off.

(deep breath – talking to self: you’re doing the right thing. just hang on.)

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