You are now entering the Twilight Zone

I’m just having a really bad week. I was laid off from my job. I’ve had to file a post-decree motion to try and get full custody before the ink is even dry on the divorce shared parenting because he just isn’t ever gonna do his part.

Tonight was crazy. Jer caught the El Chupa Douchebag driving by the house for no reason, multiple times. His mentality lately is scary.

He’s been claiming that I’m interfering with his relationship with the kids, yet.. he’s cancelled his visitations and hasn’t seen them since last Tuesday (May 1st) He gets pissed because I’ve intercepted some of his phone calls to the kids (only after he’s gotten on the phone with them and talked trash about me and continued to do so after THEY asked him to stop).And if I don’t answer the phone, oh dear Lord. Yes this is actually his story….he’s complaining about getting to talk to them, while all the while HE’s canceling his visitation. Which of course is my fault too – because I won’t take them out there to him, blah, blah, blah, blah. Didn’t he know where his kids lived when he choose to move out there?

He’s threatened to drag me to court if I don’t drop the restraining order , he says that’s interfering with his relationship with the kids too, yet the restraining order provides for his visitations and for him to attend their extra-curricular and school events and he doesn’t do it. Excuse me if I can’t find any sympathy. He put his hands around my throat. I already reduced teh charges so he wouldn’t lose his job, so he wouldn’t kill me.

Then he’s threatened to call children services and the cops on me, because I’ve left him “with no choice”, since I won’t let him talk to the kids – this after I have the kids call him and he did what – start yelling at them about me. Yeh, that makes a lot of sense. This was even after THE KIDS and myself told him that we weren’t home when he called Tuesday and Wednesday, of course disregarding that he could have SEEN the kids.Good luck with that, buddy.

He tells me I’m not working in my kids best interest because I won’t bring them out, yet he waits til 5 minutes before he’s supposed to be here, when they’re ready and waiting for me to call me and tell me he’s not coming? Give me a freakin break. Why would I drive all the way out there for that?

Oh and tonight was the kicker – when he called to tell the kids good-night I asked him to explain why he drove past the house and he denied it. He kept acting all hurt, like a victim, saying he just wanted to talk to his kids. He was acting like a different person. Key word: ACTING and I soon found out why. When I told him again that I wasn’t going to put the kids on the phone after the way he acted this morning when I had them call him and told him good-bye, I didn’t hang up and when he thought he hung up, he actually didn’t. Guess what I heard? HIS MOM on the line. She said “Hello? what did she not answer again.” and he said oh you didn’t hear any of that and she said no and he said she tried to say i drove by the house and she called the cops and she wasn’t going to let me talk to them. At this point, I interjected… I’m still here and I guess I now know where you stand” to his Mom and I said actually what I said was I wasn’t going to put them on the phone because when I had them call YOU earlier you yelled at them and kept bad-mouthing me, even when THEY asked you to stop. He said I didn’t do that. And I said, We both know you’re lying and putting on an act, and now I know you’re doing it because your Mom was on the phone.

Seriously for someone who claims they are so scared of a CPO why would he drive by?


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