I will not be surprised if I spend the rest of today as a deaf/ mute. Jer was selected in the ticket lottery to purchase tickets to Game #2 of the Cavs v. Nets playoff game tonight and of course, we couldn’t miss the chance. So we went. Aside from a couple BULL-SHIT! fouls I could have done without and a couple that were missed (like the crouch shot given to LeBron) – it was great!  Now I must say, I’ve been to a few Cavs games since LeBron went pro and I gotta say the energy in tonight’s game was crazy. I’ve never heard it so loud. My ears are still ringing and my voice is already wavering. It was insanity, but it was all worth it. What an experience.

We now lead the series 2-0 with tonights 102-92 win.


7 thoughts on “RISE UP!

  1. Of course. He’s a HUGE fan and he hasn’t been to a Cavs games since he was a little kid. We had pretty decent seats and it was a playoff game, so he was like a kid in a candy store. I was kinda smitten by his child like fascination in all honesty.

  2. sounds good 🙂 the playoffs are an extremely charged atmosphere, very different from regular games. i’m kinda hoping chicago wins their series with detroit because I’m confident the nets are done after this game.
    AAAANNNND…if the Bulls win, i may have to come up to Cleveland to put a hex on Lebron. muuuaaahahahahaha! 😉

  3. 🙂  Tell J to buy a real lottery ticket next time, will ya?  Millions of dollars or temporary deafness?!?!?!  You decide…

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