More bullshit

El Chuba called at 5:25 to tell me that he wasn’t coming to get the kids. I said, “5 minutes before you’re supposed to be here and when the kids are ready to go and expecting you?” I tell him that our parenting plan says scheduling changes should be made 24 hours in advanced and I sorta resent that he’s going to make me be what I have never been, a bitch. He says that he was waiting on some money to show up and that it didn’t and since I wouldn’t work in the best interests of our children and help with transportation that he couldn’t afford to come get them and bring them back tonight, again Thursday, again Friday, bring Jedi out to his game and then to his sister’s graduation party Saturday (he will be attending that, of course), and then again Sunday so he wouldn’t be getting them on Thursday either and he would get them on Friday night.

I don’t remember exactly how the conversation evolved, but somehow he said that the CPO was interfering with the kids best interests and him being able to spend time with them and that I needed to drop it or he would just see me in court. I told him that all he was doing was bullying me to get his way and that him doing that over and over again makes me more inclined to have it modified or extended. I tell him that the things he says and does lately, really scares me. Again he tells me that I need to drop the CPO because it’s not in our kids best interest or that things will just get worse. I ask him how he can really think he is working in our kids best interest after when I called him around 3:30 to talk to him about Pickle getting in trouble at school, he hung up on me and then didn’t return my call and that he still hadn’t asked me about it. He asks me what happened with at school and I tell him that he has the right to call the school and that I think he should just do that and find out for himself, because he doesn’t listen to me when I talk to him about the kids, he always makes it about us somehow and points a finger at me. He says,”Well, he is living with you and he sure seems to be having a lot of problems with school since he’s been with you.” I point out that he did it again. Instead of sticking to the issue at hand, he used it as an opportunity to paint me in bad light. I told him that I wasn’t going to do this with him.

Had to make arrangements with my Dad to watch the kids as I had already paid for tickets to a Cavs game for tonight. They were out for ice cream with my Dad when ElChuba called to tell them good-night.I’m sure he be so put out because the kids weren’t available to talk, when he could have had a visitation. (eyeroll)

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