Love is …

The way he tells me good-bye and I love you before he leaves for work every morning

Coffee waiting for me on the days he doesn’t work

He bought me a coffee pot with a timer so that IT will make me coffee when he can’t

A text message every morning when I wake up that says hope you slept well and have a great day

The way he kisses me on the forehead when I’m working hard at something and he doesn’t want to disturb me

The jokes we make about each other’s farts

Wrestling on the floor

Laughing hysterically at each other over the stupidest things

A card to let me know he cares on a bad day

The way he holds me when I cry

The way he lifts my chin up, looks into my eyes and says, “Babe, everything is gonna be ok” and then takes me in his arms

The way he does homework so patiently with my kids

IMs when we’re in the same room

Text messages from him while he’s at work

The way he plays with my hair when he talks to me about something he really wants me believe

His hand on my face when he kisses me

His hand on the small of my back when I walk through a door

Holding hands while we’re in the car

That he gets it

Sitting next to each other when we go out to eat instead of across the table

The way he bites his lip and makes a little moan when I do something sexy and he just can’t stand it

The way he already knows how I feel about things because he truly gets me

He takes me just as I am

The way he talks about things WAY far into the future, like, “when Diva gets married, I’m gonna tell her…” because he’s planning on being around.

The look in his eyes when he says, “I love you.”

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