Good weekend

I’m having a really good weekend if I do say so myself.

Pickle had a friend stay the night Friday. I’m friends with Pickle’s friend’s Mom so she sat and chatted with me for awhile when she dropped off his sleeping bag and what not. As soon as she walked in the house, her face lit up and she said, “Wow. Your house, and you…. just seem so happy. It feels like home. Feels a lot different than the last time I was here.” That made me feel good. Of course, the kids had a lot of fun. We had pizza and made cupcakes. There was lots of giggling about farts and burps. I don’t care how old you are, it never stops being funny. Made me think about having my cousin Ni spend the night when we were little and how we would stay up telling stories about Mr. Diaherra and Mrs. Poop and their little boy, Turd and we would laugh and laugh. My Dad would come in and say in a very stern voice, “Time to sleep, girls.” and we’d muster our laughs until he left the room and then one of us would whisper, “fart” and the giggling would resume.

Ahh..yes, the good old days.

Anyway, Jer and I made a BIG breakfast Saturday morning. Everybody was in a really good mood. The kids kept saying, “This is the best day ever.” It was really sweet. Then the boys went to stay the night with ex-mom-in-law last night and the Diva went to my parents. I went out with boyfriend and an old friend and some new friends I’ve made recently. Had some drinks, did some dancing – on a stage for an added bonus. Ate a meal at 3 a.m. Basically, I acted my age. Ok, maybe a little younger.

Then I came home got in my jammies, slept til noon today. Got up and watched a B movie with the boyfriend (Ha- I have a boyfriend) and decided it was a pajama day. I am trying not to do much. I did some laundry and dishes and picked up a little first, but then it was just lounging. There was a big tickle/wrestling match. The girls (Me & Diva) vs. The boy (Jer).

And now it’s actually nice enough to sit out on my patio with my laptop and write a blog, while the kids run around around the yard. Exciting stuff. Spring is around the corner and I couldn’t be happier about that.

I’m very content.

5 thoughts on “Good weekend

  1. OH MY GOD. Your dad used to do the same thing with me, Bryan, and Sara. We would be in there and he would come in there is his stern voice and say “You all need to go bed….and Sara if you don’t go to bed, you are getting a spanking….” It just made it soooooo much funnier!

  2. i’ve just started to take advantage of working outside using a laptop and let me tell you; it is definitely relaxing 🙂 glad you had a great weekend!

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