Questions 3/7/07

Pickle asked me last night when Jer and I were going to get married. I had a moutful of pop and nearly spit it out everywhere. I told him I didn’t know and asked why he was asking me. He tells me that he knows I really like him and that he thinks I should. He says we’ve been together forever, we don’t fight, we laugh a lot, he loves me, I love him, so why not? I told him I wasn’t ready to get married yet because I had just had my heart broken and that I wanted it to get all better first. Then when we got home Pickle asked Jer when he was going to ask me to marry him. He didn’t freak out and scream running in the other direction. KUDOS! Then he told Pickle he loved me lots and we weren’t ready to get married yet.

I thought all of this was pretty cute … until today.

Today, Pickle’s counselor told me that he told her that EX asked him (did you get all that?) if it was ok for him to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

ummmmmmmmm……yeh.  wow.

Kinda a slap in the face.

Not sure how i feel about that yet.

There’ll be more on this subject when I can wrap my brain around it.

4 thoughts on “Questions 3/7/07

  1. I’m confused- didn’t you just break up with your husband recently? I mean, you guys were having problems and were doing counseling before, but the separation is fairly recent, right?So your husband asked him if it was alright to ask his gf to marry him?What a situation, you poor girl.

  2. wow i would have been like chris, asking your son if he can marry mrs. x is nice but could you please understand that our son is still reeling from the divorce and you getting married so soon is affecting him in ways that are not all positive.

    and then chris will act stupid and not even digest what you are saying,probly because he is a man of very little brain when it comes to kids feelings and you will get nowhere.

    i am sorry he still has this control over your life.

    🙂 hugs to you. and wow. what a day!

  3. Ooh so what! You are doing the right thing by waiting…its the right thing for you guys. Who cares if Chris is jumping into something really fast.. It’s just too bad he is inviting your kids into the madness.. You alright?

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