That’s a WRAP!

This semester at school has wrapped. (sigh)

You have no idea how happy I am that it’s over.

I had to take Intermediate Algebra.

F*** Algebra.

I hate it. I cursed it everytime I sat down to do it. Seriously, at least three times while I was in seminar, doing homework and taking tests, each and everytime I sat down to do it, I would say out loud, “I hate Algebra.” Really, I do. Why? Because I have ABSOLUTELY no use for it. I will have NO USE for Algebra in my chosen profession. None, but yet I am not only required to take yet another dose of Algebra because once in high school wasn’t enough, I also have to pay to take it. I think that sucks. Why can’t I take some kind of math related class that I can actually apply professionally? Like, ok, I’m going to school for Legal Studies, why can’t I take a class in say…Tax Law Math? That would be relevant. That would make sense. But, NOOooooooo, we all have to take Algebra. Blah! Fooey on you higher education system! Didn’t help that my professor was a witch either. Grrrrr…. Oh well, it’s over, I passed…no more algebra ever. yay!

I’m just grateful I have the chance to finish my degree, so even dealing with some b.s…it’s worth it.

3 thoughts on “That’s a WRAP!

  1. yay!
    I feel exactly the same about physics…when am I ever ever ever going to use that? When am I every going to need to know the angle I make with the swimming pool when I am about to jump into it. Fuck it, fuck it all….my torture is never ending!

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