Excerpt from an article about divorce

“Stress scales have been established to indicate the power that various life experiences exert on a human being’s functioning. These scales allow us to anticipate how effected an average person is likely to become as different types of events occur in their life. Divorce is second in these scales, trailing only the death of a family member or significant other. Research has indicated that the average period of time it takes to recover from either of these events is approximately one year. Recovery means that a person is able to return to their level of functioning at work and in their personal life before the crisis occurred.

The process of divorce is often assumed to be the minimum period of time it takes a couple to move through the legal system in their state starting at the time papers are filed and ending the day the court issues the divorce decree. The receipt of the decree has little to do with a person’s ability to adjust to the stages of divorce. The experience of divorce is considerably different from the actual legal event.”

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