I have the greatest boyfriend in the world.


All three of my kids have been sick this week and he was an enormous help to me. He watched two of them while I’ll took JJ down to the ER and didn’t bat an eye or make me feel like I owed him a thing. He bought me chocolate and a card to lift my spirits. When I tell him how much I appreciate him for this he brushes it off, he says, “We’re in this together.” And not only does he take care of me, he’s just so damn awesome with the kids. Like, he let me sleep in this morning, he not only got up with the kids, made them all breakfast, and gave them all their meds, he actually spent time with them.

He’s making me dinner right now. Steak. And the man can cook a steak better than any restaurant. And, he cleans up after himself when hes done cooking. (gasp!)

I’m not used to being taken care of.

A girl could get really used to this.

4 thoughts on “I have the greatest boyfriend in the world.

  1. seems to me that you don’t need advice on how to knock yourself out.  I’d say a nice bout of hot, sweaty sex should do the trick.  😉

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