Can’t catch a break

Today was a very ….. VERY … VERY bad day.

Just a short summary…

I’ve had 5 hours of sleep in the last 2 days because the kids are sick. All of them.

Started with Jedi Monday, bad headache, 103.8 temp, I was up with him all night last night…turns out he has a sinus infection and the start of pneumonia. Pickle started with the same thing yesterday and today it’s was Diva.

I couldn’t go downtown to the courthouse for work today. My boss says she understands but still, I don’t like that.

My car brokedown. It’s a 2006. And it stalled. It’s in the shop. Hopefully, I can get back in time to work tomorrow, because…

Jer was laid off from his job today. 2 weeks before his 90 days was up. Gotta love corporate America.

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