Strange Days

I’m in a very strange place right now.

There is this new life that I am developing that is full of life and happiness and laughter. I’m thankful. I feel settled. I feel blessed. I feel accomplished. I feel loved. I feel adored. I feel appreciated. I feel fulfilled. I’m just happy.

And then there is this other … life, my old life, or circumstances that have carried over from my past life, that creep to the surface sometimes. That realization that you were nothing more than someone to blame in the eyes of a man you gave all for.  And that’s all you’ll ever be. It’s the role I’ve been given and I can’t get away from. It casts its shadow over everything, makes everything seem futile and generic. It’s nothing but a disappointment.


It’s very strange.

6 thoughts on “Strange Days

  1. just remember that it was you who had the guts to change the situation, not even for yourself but for your kids. as you go further and further into your new life, call on that whenever a new challenge arises. you’re a very strong woman – someone most women wish they could be.

  2. RYC: low carb… very low carb and no sugar…absolutely none. Its been challanging but its working better then it ever has.. I am a parimeter shopper.. everything on the outside of the store, raw foods nothing processed…very little if any soda.. thats been the tough part but it’s working and Im loving it…
    I hope you cherish your new life .. every minute of it. You so deserve great things.

  3. at least there’s a good side now! hopefully in time the “old life” will become less and less influenctial.
    hang in there.

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