Anxiety 2/12/07

Woke up first thing this morning with a tightness in my chest and severe pain in my left ear.  Scared me so bad I nearly called an ambulance. Got to the ER they hook me up to everything, monitor me for a couple hours, run some tests … nothing. They think I had the mother of all anxiety attacks.

But first thing in the morning?

To wake up like that?

I admit that I was stressed yesterday, I went to bed with a lot on my mind and in fact, just starting to type about it right now… I can’t. I start feeling the pain again. Maybe they’re right.

This is just nuts and damn scary.

I have to follow-up with my PCP in the a.m.

4 thoughts on “Anxiety 2/12/07

  1. Sorry you’re going thru all this… it’s not a nice situation.Definitely anxiety… panic symptoms like that are scary. Definitely possible to wake up like that if you’re under lots of stress. Take care and stay calm.

  2. you’d think the gods of sleep could give you a break, you know, and at least let you wake up feeling normal.  I’m sorry, sweetheart.  😦

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