Letter to EX 2/11/07

When we first talked about Pickle coming to live with you, it was because he would have individualized attention and we thought he could benefit from it because of all of his special needs. You were also talking about getting a place within the same school district.  A lot of things have changed. You have moved twice, you have lost and started a new job and you have gotten involved with somebody with three children. These are all new circumstances that you need to take into consideration.

First and foremost, this is all contingent on you and Stakcy’s relationship working out. Some of your words and actions have led me to believe that everything is not as honkey dorey as you would lead everyone to think. I guess some of that is expected. It’s a totally new situation and both of you are fresh out of a divorce and have a lot of complicated circumstances that effect things. Please, give it some time. I’m not saying it won’t work….all I’m saying is that you don’t know that a year from now that you will feel the same way or that she will. I don’t want him to have to move over and over and over again and having more people in and out of his life is DEFINITELY not something this kid needs anymore of.

Secondly, this is his home. He has lived here for well over three years. He has attended the same school, had the same friends, schedule, CONSISTENCY. His brother and sister are here. Why yank him away from all that? Why split the kids up?  For what? Give me one good reason? Just because it’s what he says he wants. I mean, c’mon… the kid says he wants to eat pizza for every meal of the day too, that doesn’t mean that’s in his best interest, OR our other children’s best interest. What about Jedi and Diva? What about when they start asking why they can’t come live with you too?

Last and most importantly, he has a lot of special needs. No offense but, you really don’t have any idea what all this entails, because you’ve never had to deal with it all by yourself. He has an established Individualized Education Plan with the schools, which he has made leaps and bounds with since it has been in place. Moving him to a new school system means this would all have to be changed. Not to mention that it’s difficult for him to make friends and to adapt to changes in the first place. You will have to change his medical insurance to a new county, meaning you will have to change all of his doctors, his therapists, etc, etc, etc.  That’s just not a good thing to do.

I am looking at this from all aspects. I really think you should take a step back and re-evaluate things.

4 thoughts on “Letter to EX 2/11/07

  1. He is selfish. He is a fucker. And he will do anything to make you suffer. That is Chris in a nut shell and that is why if Devon were to go and live with him…he would use him as a pawn to hurt you. Fuck him. Devon stays with you until Chris can get his act together…which will a lonnnnnnnnng longgggggggg time. I love you.

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