Things are looking up 2/3/07

Jer took me out to dinner last night. I tried to talk him into ordering take out and just bringing it back to the house with us but he insisted he didnt’t want me to have to do anything, except sit and eat,  and it was wonderful.  And how nice to have somebody make something so simple, a priority. I like that he notices when I need down time and then makes it happen. After dinner, I tried to go grocery shopping, but when I told him half way through the store that I really wasn’t feeling it, he encouraged me to walk away from the cart with the stuff still in it and just leave. Something I would normally never do. We talked and laughed all night. There was fabulous sex and then we just cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie.

As we were watching the movie…. my cousin Ni called me and told me that her husband has finally agreed for them to move here to Ohio. I was so freakin happy I almost peed myself. They’ve toyed around with this idea for a couple years, but now it’s time. Deciding factors were that they live in the Washington DC metro area, and house prices are just outrageous, they won’t be able to buy, even out in the boonies and their daughter is fast approaching Kindergarten enrollment and they don’t want to put her in school out there. They’re tired of the congestion and traffic when they go anywhere. They want a slower pace with family members around for their kids to grow up around. I just couldn’t be happier because now Ni’s daughter and my daughter will get to grow up together, just like we did. Plus, we’ll be able to sit and have coffee (or wine) while their playing. I think it’s a very good thing.

I slept like a baby last night. Didn’t wake up once. Slept in til 11:30. Jer had obviously gotten up before me and came up to wake me up. It’s really lovely as a woman to wake up in the morning to a man brushing hair out of your face, kissing you on the cheek and saying, “Good morning, beautiful.”

(heavy contented sigh)


Plans for the rest of the day: Aboslutely nothing.  And I’m ok with that.

5 thoughts on “Things are looking up 2/3/07

  1. RYC: Part of my fears stem from the fact that I was driving home from student teaching way out in Portage County, and I SAW THAT CRASH! I was so traumatized that I had to pull over and calm myself down. It was October 1999, I’ll never forget it.

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