We ran away together

Last weekend proved to be just what I needed. A little time away.

Jer and I went back to my hometown of Hoodbridge, VA. (Woodbridge) Got to visit with family and old friends, which is always refreshing to ones soul. Also can serve to remind one that somethings/people never change, and that is sad. Anyhoo…Jer had never been to D.C., so I took him to do some of the tourist things, like seeing the Capitol, White House, etc, etc…then we went to The Smithsonian museums. He had never rode the subway before either which I found amusing. I devirginized him of many things and that is always fun.


It was also my cousin’s husband’s 30th birthday. There was a gathering of friends and lots and lots of laughing. My cheeks and sides hurt the next day from laughing. Also a good thing. Plus, I finally got to meet my nephew. He’s adorable and looks just like his Momma.

This weekend. Ugh! I had some kind of intestinal bug thing, that was awful. The kind of thing where you can’t even keep water down but you somehow have some kind of yellowish looking water coming out of every orphus of your body. TMI, I know. I lost 5lbs in 2days. You never really forget how much you hate throwing up. I realize these things happen, but was a little disappointed because since I was gone last weekend and this is my weekend with the kids, I had wanted to go play in the snow. Instead we ended up laying in my bed or on the couch watching movies.

Today we celebrated Jedi’s 6th birthday. It’s actually Thursday, but it’s EX’s visitation night and while technically, I’m supposed to be able to keep him home on his birthday, I just want to keep the consistency of the visitations going. We went to this really cool train themed restaurant downtown and got to have lunch in train car. We had a blast.

There were some subtle reminders that things were not as I had planned them to be in my son’s life. A lot has changed from his last birthday to this one. But as I looked around and saw how much love and support we had around us, I just had this overwhelming sense that everything was really gonna be alright.  I guess life really is what happens when you’re busy making others plans. And when plans fall through, life goes on.  Sometimes on a better note than you could have ever imagined.

6 thoughts on “We ran away together

  1. I’m pretty sure he had a great time on his birthday, and gave very little thought to how things had changed over the year.  He got to have a good time with his mommy.  What more could he ask for??? 

    FYI:  I’ve never been on a subway either.  I guess that’s what the midwest does to you.  🙂  I have, however, hit mail boxes with baseball bats while hanging out of a car window.  How cool am I?  😉

  2. Can’t imagine life without a subway.
    That being said, I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I’m sure as long as Jarrod has a good time on his birthday, he won’t be as cognizant of the changes going on. Kids generally don’t landmark things anyway.

  3. I’m so glad to hear that things are better then what they were. You have had a rough way to go, Steph. But in my opinion, you’ve not only survived-Youve triumphed! Those beautiful babies may not understand things right now, but as they get older i think they are going to be very proud of you.

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