You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore

It’s an amazing thing, the strength you find when you let go. The clarity that comes when you’re not in the thick of it. That whole… “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone” notion. It’s extremely satisfying me to be able to have someone throw drama at me, to recognize it, call it out and to be able to stop it in it’s tracks and shut it down. I like this drama free lifestyle I’ve developed. It’s very chill. Without the negative influence weighing me down, I’m able to relate to others better. I hear, I see, I feel and I like it.

I’ve also learned to accept that you can’t make some people see and you can’t make some people hear. They will always be in their own little land of disillusionment, cause it’s a lot easier than accepting responsibility. And that’s not my problem.  I’m removing myself from the equation so that the new constants can be added. I figure this way, the real properties that exist will come to light.

That makes it official. Algebra is now overwhelming everything else. I just made a algebraic expression out of a personal experience. Blah!

5 thoughts on “You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore

  1. Drama is better than algebra, though.
    RYC: I’m trying to coerce TBL in front of the webcam…we just got back from our annual “Goddamn, it’s cold, let’s go someplace warm” trip, and I’d like her to help me tell everyone about it.

  2. Ewww math. Shudders.
    Anyway, I am glad you have realized all of this. You can’t change people. It just cannot be done. People are going to be who they are going to be…and that’s fine. For some, it will lead to a lot of heart ache and lonliness—but you know what, it’s not your battle. That’s the beauty of not being able to change people…you do not have to take responsibilty for the person they are and the asshole choices they make.
    What’s even better? You are writing on xanga again!
    (Does a little dance)
    I love you…

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