everything seems surreal right now.
i wish this were all a bad dream that i could wake up from. but it’s real. painfully so.
my best friend’s son was shot and killed last night. he was hanging out with “friends”. they were drinking. what we’ve heard through the grapevine is that a guy put a gun in another’s guys face and said bam- you’re dead. he put it to yet another’s face and did the same…but when he pointed it at jesse … he shot him.

and he’s gone. just like that. 18 years old.
i can’t find any words. i don’t know what to say. i just hold her while she cries. i cry with her. i hold her hand. make phones calls and clean her house. i lay on the floor at her feet when she doses off for a few minutes, so that when she wakes up crying, i’m there to hold her. and that’s all i have. i feel helpless. i just want to make this all go away.
i came home for a couple hours to get my stuff together as i will be staying with her for at least tonight. i don’t want her to be alone.
tomorrow i will go with her to the funeral home to see the body and make arrangements.
please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. she needs them desperately.

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