at wit’s end

my kids right now … oh My GOD

i am sure that they are having some sort of reaction to everything that’s been going on between the grown-ups, but it has been relatively calm this week. we’ve hardly spoke to each other. the only argument we did have happened wednesday night while they were at church with my dad, so it’s a little hard for me to understand how their little noggins are processing right now. they surely want not for attention from me, so why have they have been so difficult and bratty this week? they are fighting and screaming with each other all the time. whining. not listening to simple instructions. i wonder if it’s me and i’m just uber stressed and not able to deal with the minor….but the frequency of problems with them just seems to have skyrocketed.

patience is not a great virtue of mine.

i’m pretty sure this is why the lady at the bank now thinks i’m crazy as well. you see, i opened my own checking account, for obvious reasons. well, the kind lady who opened my account failed to tell me that i would have a five day hold placed on any checks i deposited. so despite the fact that i actually have nearly $1,ooo.oo in my account, they rejected checks for my credit card payments, charged me insufficient fund fees and now my credit card companies are charging me NSF fees as well. i went to the bank this morning and pretty much told lady that she needed to get it taken care of, because i was in the middle of a divorce, have three kids that are going through a divorce, i’m emotionally drained and really don’t need any extra added stress over stupid fees they are charging me when the money is in the account. i just about pulled my hair out in front of her. seriously, i could use some xanex or something. the stress level is just unreal.

note to self: breathe…..just breathe.

he didn’t get served monday. turns out my attorney didn’t get the papers filed until wednesday which quite possibly means he’ll be served today.

i really wish he would just move out. him being around just irritates me. anytime i say anything to him, he talks to me like a piece of shit. not like that’s anything new, but now i just don’t care to deal with it anymore. at a certain point you just get tired of being treated like shit. maybe if i explain to him that child/spousal support is retroactive from the date of filing and it might be in his best interest to leave and start paying so he’s not in arrears, he’ll go?

nah, wishful thinking. i’m convinced he lives to make me miserable.

this was a terribly negative post. all apologies. just needed a place to rant.

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