The BUT 9/28/06

I cannot tell you how freakin happy I am that this quarter has wrapped. It was a rough for me. I got my final grades back today and I got an A in both classes!!!!! New job is going REALLY well. Really, REALLY well. Not only do I enjoy the actual work I’m doing, but I get along well with the attorney. BUT….

the kids all have colds, which make them delightful to deal with…

and i….well, i could give TMI, but i’ll just say there is something very wrong in the place where you don’t want things to be wrong. it’s uncomfortable. it’s also made my mind spin since there have been some questions as to my husband‘s fidelity. i may be the most ignorant person on earth…. i know all men have the capacity to cheat … like i said, my head spins.  guess i’ll know for sure in the next couple days cause i have to go to the gyn today.


4 thoughts on “The BUT 9/28/06

  1. RYC—I def agree. I just have to get this wedding over with and then…I am all yours! I miss you and want to spend time with you asap! It would be awesome if Nicki could come too!

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