something strange is happening here. it’s very odd. it’s not like anything i’ve ever experienced and im not quite sure what to do with it.
he’s being…. genuine. he thinks about others.
he actually has been taking out the trash, doing laundry and dishes, helping the kids with their homework…..and then tonight, in order to celebrate me finishing up another quarter at school, he stopped at a little road side stand and got me a hot apple dumpling with homemade vanilla ice cream. it’s a rare favorite. available fall only. and he hands it to me and i get this look on my face like he had just handed me an open faced shitty diaper, like i didn’t know how to accept it, or how to react to it. i look at him stunned and i say, “uhhhhhhhhh………thanks?” like it was a question. his response. he laughs, kisses me on the head and went and put the kids to bed.
i’ve had a few really strange days. his mom’s best friend’s husband committed suicide. he was a really close friend of the family. all of us refer to them as aunt and uncle. i’ve never seen my mil cry so much. it’s weird to hold someone while they cry, when they are usually the one holding you. i made a lot of arrangements for her to get out of state.
then darryl called yesterday. he was elated. his wife has finally agreed to have a baby when he gets home from iraq. part of my heart soared for him…and another part…sunk. it’s an odd thing.
everything is weird right now.
edit: (10pm)
spoke to soon. we are at beer 8 currently. he actually just slurred a whole sentence at me about how i should drink more and loosen up. yeh, looks so appealing.

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