Moving right along 9/25/06

I managed to finish up my final papers for class. Now it’s just a matter of finishing up the actual coursework, like reading, so that I’m prepared to take my finals tomorrow. You have no idea how happy I’ll be when this quarter is over. It’s been really rough.

On a happy note, when I scheduled my classes Friday for next quarter, my academic advisor informed me that all my tranfer credits were in order now and it appears I will be graduating with my degree next summer. Yay!

Jedi said the funniest thing this morning. I was helping him blow his nose and I said, “Man, you guys are all getting sick, what’s up with that, buddy?” He shrugged his shoudlers and walked away. About a minute later while he’s eating his cereal he turns to me and says,

Mommy, why does God make cold air if were all allergic to it?”

I love a child’s train of thought. They make a lot of sense sometimes.

Today is my first day on the new job, kinda. We’re meeting tonight at 6:30 to finish paperwork and all that good stuff. Plus, we get to go shopping so I can pick out my own fax, copier, scanner to keep at my house. I’m a girl, I love shopping.

It’ll be a busy day, but hopefully all worth it.


My one professor really helped me with spiffing up my resume for a legal position, so I wrote him an e-mail this morning thanking him for his help. He replied…

Congrats on the paralegal job, Stephanie! If your schoolwork is any indication, you should make a fine paralegal.

This is a man who was a JAG attorney. He knows his stuff. His response and his opinion really mean a lot to me. 

5 thoughts on “Moving right along 9/25/06

  1. Good luck on your exams! I sure as hell need it…I got no studying done this weekend, but that is for my next post, baw hahahaha!

  2. wow! that’s really cool the professor wrote that. i’m positive that any superlatives anyone has given for your work is an understatement to what you can really do. 🙂
    ryc: hey, i totally forgot about the whole government in colorado thing. they have a NORAD base there too hidden in the mountains (if memory serves me correctly). hmmmmm…maybe you’re right about the logic. now, if only i could get a place for rent in that mountain. haha.

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