The interview 9/19/06

Today is the big day. The interview for the paralegal position. This isn’t the law firm from last week, this is different, but so much better. In fact, it’s like divine intervention. The money is good….really good.  The experience would be invaluable, because it’s not just legal work, but it’s pertaining to family law….exactly what I want to go into. But the best part is that this attorney is just getting her family law practice started after being a family court judge, so I can WORK FROM HOME for now and as her practice grows….I’ll grow with it. Plus, I’ll get to go downtown to the courthouse a couple times a week for filings which is great networking.

If I could’ve written my own job description…this would have been EXACTLY what I wanted.

Send your good mojo.

8 thoughts on “The interview 9/19/06

  1. Stop keeping us in limbo—-how was it?!?!?!
    LMAO still about Trinity’s comment—it came off with the blood. Well, I’d say so!

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