E. R. + ME = B. F. F.

I have been to the emergency room three times this week. THREE.

First time was Sunday when I passed out.  I had a migraine the night before that cut a Girl’s Night Out short.  The migraine lead to alot of nausea and vomiting and loss of sleep, plus the already exsistent mental and emotional strain I’ve been under and the fact that Im not eating much here lately. I got dehydrated, I was exhausted and so my body just gave out on me per the doctor’s explanation. It wasn’t so horrible an ordeal after they knocked me out with morphine for awhile. They were gonna keep me overnight, but I opted to spare myself the additional medical costs and go home with doctor’s orders to avoid stress. HAHAHAHAHA! Sorry.

Wednesday I got a call from Pickle’s teacher saying that he wasn’t acting like himself, was seeing weird behavior from him and confusion. I went and picked him up early and called his neurologist. She said to add the medicine we had just weaned him off of back into his epilepsy medication regime and to see how it did. Thursday was just bizarre with him. He went back and forth from bouncing off the walls to not being able to keep his eyes open and so…I had to take him to Children’s ER downtown for blood work and a neurological exam by the neurologist on call. His medication levels were out of whack and so they gave him an anti-eplicitc medication and sent us on our way.

Then last night….omg, last night. Brace yourselves.

We were out in the yard finishing up the slide and rock wall addition to the kids swingset, when Diva thought she saw a spider on Jedi’s head and so she…..(brace yourselves) picked up a hammer and whacked him in the head with it. I have never been that scared in all my life. I have never seen that much blood in all my life. I practically jumped from the top of the slide and ran to him, put my hand over the blood, swooped him up in my arms and ran into the house.  He’s screaming…”IS THAT MY BLOOD? IS THAT BLOOD?” Hubby is telling me to move my hand so he can look at it, Jedi’s screaming for me to put my hand back, I’m screaming for a towel, I’m screaming for the phone telling him to call my Dad so we can get him to the ER since he cant exactly leave things as is, Diva’s crying and saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” I tell my Dad to come get me. Pickle starts freaking out and crying cause there is blood everywhere at this point. My Dad shows up and all the color leaves his face at the sight of me and Jedi covered in all this blood. We bolt to the emergency room. Jedi’s eyes start rolling back in his head in the van and I have to keep raising my voice to startle him and keep him awake. When his eyes are open they are moving left to right very fast. When we get to the ER people are gasping at the sight of us and moving out of the way. The nurses come and take us right back to a suture room. And by the time they take the towel off his head, it has clotted and stopped bleeding. They go through all his stats and vitals and start cleaning him up and a nurse turns to me, hands me a towel and says, you might want to go in the patient restroom and clean up. When I finally take a look at myself, I’m covered in blood. It’s all over my face, my neck, my shirt, my entire left arm is covered from elbow to fingertip, it’s on my left pant leg and then my entire left foot and flip flop is covered. For all of that…..he needed 2, TWO, stitches. Well, they did a CT scan of his head too because of the eyes moving back and forth (which apparently is called stigmatic) and because of his eyes rolling back in his head. Thankfully, and quite miraculously in my opinion, there was no fracture to his skull and no internal bleeding.

And it doesn’t end.

Pickle was out of sorts again this morning….so Wednesday afternoon they are going to admit him for a 24 EEG again.

I’m doing fabulous at this avoiding stress thing, huh?

Did I mention I have two final papers and exams to do by next Wednesday?

You know how they say God will  never give you more than you can handle….could someone please put a word in for me.

8 thoughts on “E. R. + ME = B. F. F.

  1. Oh my holy Christ!  You seriously have the strength of a fucking saint!  I’m shouting that you’ve had enough.  You need a break and someone needs to see to it that it happens!  I would recommend a hot bath and a video, but maybe not with your luck these days… perhaps just a nap.
    Honey – I’m so sorry!  I’m wishing you all the good luck i can find!

  2. how SCAREY!! Head wounds bleed terribly (even small ones) because of all the blood vessels and tight skin. I betcha trinity never hits anyone on the head ever again! She sure did learn that lesson the hard way.
    I’m so glad that overall he is ok though and only needed 2 stiches.
    I’m sorry for all your stress… not what you need right now

  3. Even though there were only two stitches, I’ve got to believe there’s a concussion. Have they done a CAT scan or MRI? They would seem pretty perfunctory at this point.

  4. OH MY GOD!

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