i just had a creepy experience.
i had a migraine earlier and had to give myself a shot and i ended up falling asleep on the couch, which never happens.
about 30mins ago, i shot up….panicked. i felt like something was wrong. i went and checked the kids, then all the doors. then anything else i could think of, stove…..basement…etc.
the husband isn’t here. he’s night fishing.
(before anyone starts down the “he’s cheating on you…” road i know he is fishing….he does this at night when there is a full moon and it’s not winter. i encouraged him to go because of everything going on and frankly it’s a break from me worrying about his b.s. and i could seriously go for a fish fry tomorrow night….) anyways…it’s always weird when he’s not here at night…maybe it’s his snoring or i dunno…but it’s just weird. so i thought maybe that was it…but i couldn’t shake it
i came in our room and i couldn’t get the light to turn on. never happens.
the phone rings and i can’t find it, cause the light is off. then the answering machine goes off and it’s darryl, my best guy friend in the whole world, old boyfriend from high school. sure we keep in touch, but this is different. this is 1am in the morning different. i take off running to get the phone. can’t find it anywhere. this never happens. i always have a phone. he never calls this late at night. NEVER. and i missed the call….
so i come back up and press play on the machine.
“this is darryl…..shit….ummmm….i’m in route to deployment and i uh…… well i guess i’ll give you a call when i get there. take care, steph. bye.”
there is something about his voice. it bothers me and i sunk on the bed and held my face in my hands and started crying. i can’t even explain why. i just can’t shake this sense that something is wrong….and then he called. and wtf? deployment? what does that mean? and why wouldn’t he say where? is he on his way back to iraq?
this is one of the people, out side of my family, that i care about more than words could say.
he usually calls in the afternoon, when he knows i have some free time. latest we’ve ever talked was around 7 or 8pm. and he has NEVER left a message on my machine. it’s just not like him to call me, hell anyone, in the middle of the night like that.
something’s up and now…..i’ll worry. and pray.

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