Today is …… (drumroll)……..the first day of school.

WOoHOo! I made it through the summer with all three kids home and taking on college courses myself.

Did I mention I made the Dean’s List last quarter? yay! GO ME!

Anyways today is Pickle’s first day of school. He was actually excited to get up this morning and put on his new school clothes. He’s really into military stuff right now, so I got him a pair of camo pants and a really cool military screened polo shirt. He even got up and brushed his teeth and spiked his mohawk up all by himself. Yes, he has a mohawk haircut. This may surprise some of you, but really…I think it’s cool and it was his decision and I’m just happy he’s expressing himself in a way that isn’t so mainstream. I like that he has some originality. Plus, I figure by encouraging him in what he thought was rebellious, he might not rebel so much….lol. Yeh, no such luck I’m sure…but it’s a theory.

Tomorrow is Jedi’s very first day of school. I can’t believe my peanut is going to kindergarten. Amazing. We were just discussing last night that when Pickle started kindergarten, it was 2001 and September 11th happened his second week of school.

September 11th, I can remember holding Jedi in my arms, rocking him while he took his bottle and gasping and crying while I was watching the second plane hit the World Trade Center. That will be branded in my brain forever. That was 5 years ago! Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday to anyone but me? Weird.  Anyways, it’s only 1/2 day kindergarten here, so I signed him and Diva up for swim lessons in the morning and he’ll still get to go to the YMCA with us in the mornings.

It’s actually gonna work out quite nice because he’ll get on the bus at 12:30, which is when I put Diva down for her nap. So it won’t be so hard on her to be home by herself with Mom, while her big brothers are off at school. Plus, I can use that free time to do schoolwork.

Totally focused on schoolwork time? I won’t even know how to act without distractions…lol.

5 thoughts on “PRAISE GOD!

  1. wow! dean’s list 🙂 nice!
    hey, thanks for the info regarding joining a band. i found it to be extremely helpful and if I do decide to go through with it, i’m going to be going by the info you gave me 🙂 thanks S.

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