Boys will be boys 8/21/06

Guess who I had to take to get stitches this weekend?


My MIL tells me he’s getting off to a late start and she swore to me that my trip last month for his broken arm was the first of many more visits to the ER, turns out she was right and it wouldn’t take long.


Saturday we went to do a little shopping and of course the kids were all too thrilled about looking at pillows with Mom & Dad so we decided to split them up so they would be easier to handle. Boys went one way, girls another. Wasn’t 10 mins later, I see my husband hurrying towards me with a horrified look on his face, carrying Jedi who is wailing and pointing frantically towards the door, mouthing the words “let’s go…let’s go” and as Jedi turns his face to wail for me, all I see is blood.

Turns out Pickle decided to race Jedi around a display case and Jedi didn’t turn the corner before he tripped and went flying into the corner of the display, splitting his lip all the way through. You could take one look at him and know he was going to need stitches. 4 of them to be exact. Did I mention this all happened at the department store I just took the job at?

Here he was all excited because he didn’t have to go to school with his cast on the first day and now he’s got stitches (but I’m working on getting them out Friday). It just never ends.

I can’t believe my peanut will be headed off to kindergarten in a week. Geesh…time flies.

I have TONS of homework to do myself…tons. how I love writing lengthy papers about litigation theories. (yawn) But school is going well and I start a new job tomorrow.

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