Kid stuff

There were pictures of the kids in the local paper today. Not really a good thing because it was pictures of them looking very solemn at Joe Tomci’s funeral yesterday. But they did their Momma proud. They were really respectful little boogers.

Cutest thing today. We were getting ready to leave the YMCA and Diva’s little friend, Greg, ran up and gave her necklace back that she had to take off during class. He gave her a big hug and she gave him a kiss right on the lips and said, “You’re my buddy and I love you, bye!”

Just adorable the things kids say.

I still have homework to finish up before my midnight deadline, but I just had to share that.

8 thoughts on “Kid stuff

  1. hey girl. I was wondering, did you happen to catch my protected post about the coupon swap? I just wanted to know if you were interested. If you got time (girl, I know you’re busy), can you get back to me by this weekend? Thanks!

  2. how you doing girl? i’ve been thinking about you. hope things are looking up around there.
    keep us posted. take care.

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