8 thoughts on “Gone 8/13/06

  1. wow. it sounds redundant to say i’m sorry, but i am. i hope things are able to be worked out. keep us updated. i’ll be thinking about ya. hang in there. it’s hard with kids, on your own. man. i’m really sorry. damn.

  2. You have a wonderful heart and I’m sorry things are so hard and emotional right now. I hope and wish that no matter what’s to come, inevitably things will work out for the best, kwim? Just know that even though I live like, butt-fucking far away, but if you ever need to talk (write), you can e-mail/ IM me, I’m always here to listen

  3. oh steff i am so very sorry. i dont even know what to say. i havent been keeping up with xanga very well, so i am sorry i didnt write something sooner. you are in my thoughts..in my prayers..
    just let me know if there is anything i can do. i know realistically theres not much. But still i am always willing to listen.
    stay strong sweetheart,

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