Going “home”

So things here in Virginia are crazy fast and busy. A lot of things have changed. A lot more development for growing population. A lot more congestion due to growing population. Others things haven’t though, like being able to pick up right where you left off with old friends. Actually having intelligent, insightful conversations without worrying about false pretenses and cattiness. Those are the things I love about here. Those are the things that still make it “home”. I like that people can accept others for who they are instead of who they want them to be. Or that they can applaud you in your efforts without feeling inferior. I like that there is a lot of diversity and tolerance. I really dig that.

I went back to my old neighborhood yesterday. It was wicked cool to watch Diva play on the playground at my old elementary school. Also very cool to take her back to the house I grew up in and introduce her to Momma Robinson. Momma Robinson was my high school sweetheart’s mom and I adore her. She’s very straight forward and real. She’s got that strong, vibrant, confident black woman thing going for her. I love that. I love the way she inspects everything I say and gives these deep responses with a smile. It was also nice to hear her say that she misses me and that I was the one who got away. That her son still talks about me and she wishes things had turned out differently, but as she then said….”Child, everything happens for a reason.” I concur.

After seeing Momma, I drove by another ex’s house. I didn’t stop to see if he was there. I just wanted those memories to flood in. Then, I went to lunch with two of my old girlfriends from high school. We picked up right where we left off. And there was a lot more relating about now then reminiscing about the old days. Lots of good food, better conversation. Lots of laughing. Funniest thing was they demanded they sing “Happy Birthday” to me. And for some reason the waitress got the idea I was 21 and told the whole restaurant. I was uber embarrassed until she said 21 and then I jumped up and did a little cabbage patching and said “WHOO-HOO, I’m  21!!!!” lol. Immediately, a guy approached us and offered to buy drinks, but we passed and played the driving with the kids card. But even without the booze….it really was a good time.

It was also super thoughtful of my cousin to meet me at the door when I got here Thursday night with a birthday cake. AWwwww….

Today is actually her baby shower, but also the day I’ve gotta head back to Ohio. Ive got sooooo much school work to do,when I get home. Actually there are lots of things to deal with when I get home. But I really miss the boys and will be delighted to hold them again.

6 thoughts on “Going “home”

  1. Who says you can’t go home?
    How’d the shower turn out?  Did Nicki get lots of cool stuff for the baby? 

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