Forgive and forget? 7/20/06

I just had one of those conversations that set me back and now I’m stuck between pride or maybe just sheer reservation and the thing I usually do, because I don’t have it in me to hold a grudge when someone apologizes, forgiveness.


Is it better to forgive and forget, really? I mean, isn’t some rememberance and reservation…smart?




(Happy 32nd Anniversary to my Mom & Dad.)

4 thoughts on “Forgive and forget? 7/20/06

  1. i say no forgive and forget! funny but i am going through the same thing right now with my neighbor. she is older than me and thinks she can tell me how to raise my kids. especially my sd. well she yelled at me in front of sd about how i should discipline her and i haven’t spoken to her since. been a good 3 months now. i hate ignoring her but why should i forget and then she think that it’s okay to talk to me like that?
    that is jmo…..
    how’s jarrod today?

  2. um yeah unless someone does the same shit over and over and over again and they are going to continue to hurt you. Not naming names. When that happens—-it’s time to move on and leave that person and their mean streaks in the past. On the other hand—if it is going to upset you more not to forgive…then forgive although it is impossible to forget.

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