Moving Along 7/17/06

“I try to take it a day at a time, but sometimes several days sneak up on me at once.”

I know I’m not the only one who has this problem, otherwise the previous eloquently phrased statement would not exist. It’s probably being abused on a t-shirt somewhere but, until I see it commercialized, I’ll embrace it.

I’m happy and bummed all at once.

Bummed because finances suck right now, gas is way too freakin expensive and you need gas to get places outside of Ohio where the mentality and company is all around better. Ok, that’s really not fair. There are wonderful people here who I adore. I’m just bitter over small incidents that will probably be frivolous in the big scheme of things. Anyways, things just aren’t coming together the way I need them to and I’m annoyed cause I just really want to go see my cousin for her baby shower and damnit, damnit, damnit, if financial obstacles don’t keep getting put in my way.  Like aside from the ridiculous gas prices, there is this whole thing with Jedi’s arm and the ER co-payment and ambulance bill and the run around I’m getting from the YMCA’s insurance group. Then getting an unexpected sky high water bill because it was an actual reading instead of an estimate and we’ve had estimates since before we had to reseed the yard and water it everyday. Bummer. And then of course there was the shut-off notice on the natural gas bill. I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere, but our gas provider has a budget program where you pay the same amount year round instead of $300/mo in winter and $20/mo in summer.  So our budget amount used to be $64/mo every month all year. Then it went to $86/mo every month all year. Well in February it jumped to $264/mo every month all year. That’s a freakin car payment. I don’t have an extra $200/mo. So I couldn’t pay it. I’ve been paying $100/mo and so now I have this big bill. Insanity. Oh, and, since my birthday is on the 27th, and my registration expires…I have to pay to renew the tags on my car. ugh!

At least there is my trip this weekend to go see my family out of town. At least that can’t be pulled out from under me because I’m going with my parents on their dime.  Very nice.  Things on a personal level are coming more together than I thought possible, although I’m still pretty cautious and expecting the cycle to kick in again at any moment. I can’t help it.

Jedi is doing better. He even tried riding his bike yesterday and was back to jumping off the couch. He was even excited to go to the YMCA this morning again. And if I had a $1.00 for everytime somebody stopped me during my hour long workout that took two and half hours to ask me how Jedi was doing while I panted and gasped for breath, I at least wouldn’t have the financial problems anymore.

4 thoughts on “Moving Along 7/17/06

  1. Yeah, finances suck. I swear, sometimes I look back on my checkbook register and wonder how we managed to keep our heads above water. It sounds like everything piled up on you all at once, that’s a shitty situation. Geez, $264 for natural gas? Craziness. We wouldn’t be able to pay that. And insurance companies suck, I swear they take a pact to make things as difficult for you as possible. I’m sorry sweetie. Things will get better though, I promise. Cross my heart 🙂
    It’s good to hear that Jarrod’s doing better

  2. i am glad jarrod is better. i hope things get better for you though. i understand about money. we are overdrawn again and i have 0 food. i am not happy. wishing it were better but somehow it will pass.

    have a good one

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