The bike ride from hell

The city we live in has a pride festival (not gay pride – but community) every year around the 4th of July holiday. There are carnivals, ice cream socials, pancake breakfasts, 5k runs, lawn concerts, etc, etc. Well since Jedi just graduated from Safety Town and learned about bicycle safety….I figured it would be cool to join the Bike-a-thon. Basically, they were just trying to get people out to try out the new bike trail that goes all the way around our city. I used to like to use the bike trail in Virginia that ran from Mount Vernon to Washington D. C. I miss biking so I really wanted to check it out and they were giving away free bike licenses to anyone who showed up by 9am. I did the girl thing and went out and bought a fashionable biking outfit for the occasion and a new gnarly bicycle helmet. Not the dorky kind, but the cool kind the pro stunt bike guys wear…except mine is black with a pink skull on the back.

So the boys, their Dad and I showed up and got our bikes registered and all that jazz. We only got about 1.5 miles before Jedi went down a steep hill, freaked out, forgot to use his breaks and wiped out. Thank-God I had put knee pads on him, because judging from how jacked up the knee pad was his knee would have probably been broken. So, I called my father, who is fabulous, who agreed to to come meet us and pick up Jedi at the next trail entrance which was about 1/2 mile uphill with Jedi whimpering. FUN! We were lucky to come upon a MetroPark volunteer who gave us some antibacterial gel and band-aids. Of course my Mom came and brought her camcorder and made me re-tell the camera about Jedi’s wipe-out. Then they followed us about a mile down the road, recording us. (can’t wait to see that tape, I’m sure it’s flattering.) 3 of us continued on. No sooner did we get back in the swing, Husband’s work phone rang and he proceeded to have to bike and talk for almost an hour. Our family excursion, became mostly me & Pickle taking in scenery and encouraging each other the push on. After 10 miles, we were most thankful to find that the trail ran alongside a TGIFridays and we stopped in for lunch. It was really hard to get back on the bikes after that. All of us moaned and groaned when we tried to put our sore backsides back on the bike seats. (what is up with those things?) Another two miles down the road, my gears stopped catching and whenever we would come to a hill I would have to hop off and push my bike up and get back on. We were determined to finish this trail, the whole 22 miles, but found at mile 18 that the rest of the trail was closed for construction. Nice of them to tell us that, huh? So I had to call my Dad again, to come pick me up and drive me back to the high school to pick up our truck so we could load the bikes up.

In hindsight and still having a sore ass, I think I would’ve preferred to have paid the $10 for a bike license.


Pickle better retain this as memorable family time.

5 thoughts on “The bike ride from hell

  1. Sorry your butt hurts, but I too am going to say… thanks for the laugh.  Sounds like a pretty fun ride… even with all the crap along the way!  I need to break my bike out and take it for a spin.

  2. i hear you man, i can’t ride for long periods like that; especially on off-road trails even though they aren’t really that bad. I’m sure Devon will remember it with fondness 🙂
    hope you’re all recovered from it though, and that you had a good 4th.
    btw – in regards to the soap opera thing. her words clearly sum up the problem. It’s so hard to be with someone who has that dual personality. it really wears on a person after a while but it’s such a powerful mechanism, you know? like they say in psychology; if you want to keep someone interested, you gotta give them the hot/cold treatment until they fall helplessly into the routine. i, for one, hate it – but I know what it’s like to be stuck in that cycle…

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