Letting go

In the city we live in, they offer a program called Safety Town to all the incoming Kindergartners. It’s a week long program held at the fire department. This morning was Jedi’s first day. It was also the first experience I had actually dropping him off somewhere, with people I didn’t know and then leaving. I was wondering how he would do when it came time for me to leave. And guess who cried? Me. Not tears, but I got all misty eyed. I couldn’t believe how grown up he was sitting at his little desk, waving good-bye to me.

I also had a somewhat strange experience with the Diva later on this afternoon. We went to lunch and then swimming with my friend Bevis and her son, Bobby as we have almost every week since the pool opened. It seems everytime we go, Diva who used to scream when you put her in pool, has gotten braver and braver. Well, today she decided that she was going to do away with her little intertube and just jump right in. I guess she had decided she could swim and boy, was she wrong. I had been telling her not to do it and not to do it, but she was determined. I told her she would go under and choke, but she just jumped in and she went straight down. Yes, it was hard to watch. I reached down and grabbed her from the water. She had this look of complete shock on her face. But, she didn’t do it again.

Letting go of your kids and letting them learn things on their own is really tough as a parent.  Even though they are little, there have been so many changes. They’re not babies anymore. It weird that you have to raise a child in a way that teaches them, in a sense, to live without you.

Time sure does fly.

8 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. I used to cry when my mom dropped me off at the school bus.  I was very little, but I remember being very sad every single time she had to leave me.  😦  Now I’m usually ready for her to go away!  😉 

  2. They do grow up so fast!  I am starting all over though! 
    BTW: Lindsey’s boss “Satan” said she has a conference on Aug. 6th so she could not let Lindsey off work, but she could go the weekend before, JULY 30TH, so we are changing it to July 30th!!!

  3. letting go is VERY hard! Just leaving yuna at daycare some days breaks my heart still….
    ryc: don’t worry too much. She is required to wear a life vest anytime she is out back. (even if she’s not swimming) We also have a pretty neat pool alarm that lets out this ear piercing squeel if anything larger than 10 lbs goes into the pool while its on. Rudy is also talking about installing an alarm on the back door. So i TOTALLY understand where you are coming from. Even the most attentive parent has to be EXTRA careful around water!

  4. you’re a great mom for realizing the importance of this. it is a hard transition to go through but all a part of being a parent.
    hell, i had a hard time letting my dog go and start running around with the other dogs at the play kennel. lol 🙂

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