What next?

This weekend was shitty and was just further topped off by Xanga deleting my post about it.

Here’s the short version…

Thursday: Husband got drunk at his Uncle’s. He drove home drunk. He called friends/family and was rude/obnoxious before finally passing out 40 mins after he got home.

Friday: Helped my friend (who is getting a divorce) unpack boxes at her new apartment.

Saturday: Woke up by call from sister…she got a DUI. Was drinking at home hours earlier and went out to get Taco Bell with friends. But she is 20.  So she was arrested. Court date tomorrow. Parents didn’t show for baseball games. Called them worried. Somebody rear-ended my Mom’s car while they were trying to get my sister’s car out of impound. Had cook-out with my friend Crazie, husband acted bizzare the whole time. He didn’t remember calling Crazie Thursday night, which means he might not remember his drive home either. Again, stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Husband sulks/pouts/feels sorry for himself, while I’m trying to study. Fight. I left and went to study at my parents’ for a couple hours. Slept on couch.

Sunday: Woke up in lots of pain…called doc for meds.  Big fight with Husband again. My parents treated all of us to a movie “Over the Hedge”. Was Diva’s first movie. Was really funny. Mind-blowing make up sex with husband. At least there is still that. Took my mid-term, missed one question. Scored 96% = A.

Weird. Confused, Frustrated, Tired.

The End.

8 thoughts on “What next?

  1. Yikes!
    Hey, at least there was mind blowing sex in there.  Always a silver lining, I suppose… 😉

  2. Oh, the drunk phone calls are lovely aren’t they.  Hey, all dudes pull a drunk once in a while.  Just try not to let it worry you too much.  Though the driving home drunk part is pretty scary!!! Tell him not to do that shit anymore!
    Sorry about Bev.  The divorce could be the best thing to happen for her though.  It doesn’t always look like it at the time, but things happen for a reason.
    The more I read, the worse it gets!!  Sorry about what happened to your sister and what happened to your parents.  Are your parents ok?????  Neither one of them got hurt did they?
    Mind-blowing sex is something I haven’t thought about in a few weeks.  Glad someone is having it though….hee hee!!

  3. ((((((Hugs))))))
     I am having to do a lot of these sorts of messages today. i just dont know what to say. But i love you and wierd awful weekends do usually have a way of workign themselves out.

  4. You don’t have to put the family disclaimer. Anything you put on here is private. That sucks about Chris and about Sara…you have to keep us posted about what happens in court. I am really worried.
    I love you…hang in there.

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