I wish

  • there weren’t so many people suffering in the world
  • things didn’t have to be so complicated
  • more people had orgasmic sex
  • my friends could find happiness
  • that marriage vows meant something still
  • more people used condoms instead of abortion as birth control
  • that you really did reap what you sowed
  • I could be closer to my extended family
  • I could forget when I forgive
  • words didn’t cut deeper than knives
  • our government wasn’t so tainted
  • we could all just get along
  • sexual abuse wasn’t a silent epidemic
  • people took more responsibility for their actions
  • the paparazzi chased politicians instead of celebrities.
  • honesty were still a virtue
  • I had more answers than questions
  • I would never see another woman have alcohol poured on her in a video
  • compassion & mercy were passed out more than judgement
  • when you fell out of love with someone, you would always remain friends
  • little girls were never called fat or ugly
  • I could afford to hire a maid
  • people who wanted children were fertile
  • people who don’t want children were infertile
  • we wouldn’t all be so prideful
  • there were holistic doctors available in medical insurance plans
  • the atomic bomb had never been created
  • I could travel more
  • character mattered more than your waist or wallet
  • my children would never suffer any illness or heartache
  • fear didn’t have so much power over us
  • someone had stepped up for my husband as a child
  • I could undo somethings in my mother’s life
  • men needed intimacy more than sex
  • I could make a sustaining income as a stay-at-home Mom
  • I could make more of a difference
  • I could see the big picture

4 thoughts on “I wish

  1. I could not agree more with your comment!  Vin’s two roommates surround themselves with *extreme devout Christians* ALL the time.  But, Vin and I believe in actually going out into the world and being a “light” onto other people!!

  2. I love your wish list.  I can’t even imagine how long my wish list would be….hee hee!
    I’m hanging in there.  I start my insulin tonight and I’m a little bummed about it.  But, I’ll be okay.  Thanks so much for being there for me.  Hugs, Tonya

  3. what makes you think that you don’t make a huge difference???
    You’re one of the best.  You’re a fantastic mother who is raising fantastic children with values, morals, and independence.  You’re amazing.
    I’m making my own wish list.  🙂 

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