Perplexing findings – 5/24/06

Today, as I was outside on my patio, soaking up the sunshine and nice weather, preparing to update my site. I decided to go find a layout that would brighten it up a little bit. I logged into an Internet site and started browsing when I saw “Website stats” in the right hand corner. Ohhhhhh yeh, my site tracker. So, I go to check it out, wondering if an ominous ex would pop up again. Lo an behold, there she is, as my third most frequent visitor (aside from only me and my cousin).

Can someone please, PLEASE, explain to me why someone who always has a negative opinion about how boring, lifeless, pathetic and whiny I am would need to constantly (almost daily) check up on my Xanga site? It might be a little less creepy if she didn’t LOATHE me so much. I mean really, what’s the point? If I’m such a disappointment and she holds me in such low regard why would she bother herself with the knowledge of it on a daily basis?

I haven’t been to her site in awhile, in fact, I haven’t even thought about her much but, this information got the better of me and despite my previous decision to avoid her and anything having to do with her, I clicked her site to find a pretty obvious comment about myself in her first line.

To reward her devotion on her next visit, I’ll take the bait and respond.

#1- I don’t hate you. In fact, I haven’t done anything to you. YOU were an asshole and most disrespectful TO ME.

#2- The reason I don’t talk to you anymore isn’t because you are loud, obnoxious or don’t fear being wrong. It’s because you have simply become a rude, bitch.It’s boring. Anyone can do that. Personally, I think it just shows more intelligence and class to not fear APOLOGIZING instead of not fearing to say whatever ignorant thing enters your head.

#3- I am NOT pursuing the same things you are. Me obtaining my degree in paralegal studies was something discussed long before you even enrolled. If you LISTENED more than you ran your mouth about yourself….you would have known that. Not everything has to do with you, dear. But, at least your consistent and go on playing out that, “no fear of being wrong” thing. Hope that works out for ya. In the meantime, I promise, I have NO desire to be ANYTHING like you.

Just one small other point.

I think it speaks volumes about you and your priorities that you desire to keep in touch with a man whom you say treated you “like shit” and got you “all fucked up in the head” but can’t be bothered with and will look down upon someone who was there, listened and held you while you cried through it all. Nice. Really, good luck with that. Do you know that you have made the statement several times that you wish you could be treated the way you treat others? This my dear, is me pointing out that you do. You turn your back on those who genuinely care about you and seek out those who couldn’t care less. You may not like everything about me, I don’t like everything about you, but I was always a good friend to you always. That should have been all that mattered.

Let me save you a little trouble and time. Depsite what you think, I don’t talk about you here or anywhere else for that matter. I’m not doing what you do. This site is about me. If you don’t like me or who I am, then you really have no reason to be here and so I would really appreciate it if you would just stay out of my life altogether. asta.

8 thoughts on “Perplexing findings – 5/24/06

  1. yeah, some people are crazy. haha, I think it’s funny that she talks so much shit, yet is so intrigued by your life.  although that is a bit creepy………
    I think your response message was very well put. I’m dumb, I would have gotten all ghetto. Like, “Oh no you didn’t!” haha

  2. Honey, some people just aren’t worth the time of day and it sounds like this chick is one of ’em.  Don’t worry about how she feels about you.  Her thoughts and opinions don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  Obviously, if she checks your site daily, she either still thinks enough of you to want to know what’s going on in your life or she’s jealous of you. 
    Glad you got all of that off your chest though.  That’s probably the same thing I would’ve done.  I don’t like back-stabbers and people that talk behind my back.  If you’re a grown woman, then say it to me, not on a blog.  Know what I mean jelly bean???? 
    Hugs, Tonya

  3. I get the same exact crap from my ex husbands buddy sorrowful***** (last part of name removed) she tells the world what a cunt I am, yet she visits me 10 times a day. You know what it shows me (and should show you about your stalker) they have NO LIFE. Every visit you see remember that its a pathetic attempt to try and gleam from your life. Its sad… it really is.

  4. Well said…I hate anything underhand or people talking behind someone’s back  instead of just saying what you feel, then letting it go. It really is sad to see someone need so much to be embroiled in your life even in a second hand manner. I hope she finds the need to do so diminished now and that she leaves you and your life alone. All credit to you for shining a spotlight on it and airing how you feel. 🙂
    take care

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