Songs & Memories

Today has been one of those days, where every song played on my custom station on Yahoo! has flooded my mind with memories of someone or someplace or some point in time.

Ever had a day like that?

These are the last ten songs and the memory that goes along with it. It is a strange and diverse mix, but when it comes to music…I feel selling out would be sticking to one particular genre. I just like what speaks to my soul and that is everchanging, as it should be.

Arms Wide Open – Creed: Quite appropriately, this song came out when I found out I was pregnant with my peanut, Jedi. It wasn’t planned, but welcomed. It brings up the memory of me, 7mos pregnant, at a Creed concert with my husband’s arms wrapped around me, his hands on my belly, while he whispered the words to this song in my ear.

Always a Woman to Me – Billy Joel: A song someone once told me reminded them of me, everytime they hear it. I used to think it was pretty insulting, but as the years have passed, I can see the truth to it. It makes me reflect.

I Shall Believe – Sheryl Crow: This song reminds me of my husband and that desire to have things the way you want them and not knowing exactly how to get there.

I Like The Way You Move – Outkast: I spent a night out with my brother-in-law once. We got completely wasted, ran up a huge tab and had a blast. We danced to this song together and laughed like wasted drunks do. Good times.

Because of You – Kelly Clarkson: The last time I saw Mailda’s daughter, Carissa, she was looking up Kelly Clarkson songs on Yahoo! on my computer like she always does when she’s over. This  was one she played over and over and she marked as one of her favorites. I asked her why she liked it and she said it was about parents. I had never made that connection before, but listening to it with her, I got it, I heard what she heard and it broke my heart. Still does.


Two Little Birds – Bob Marley: Bob Marley always reminds me of hanging out with the boys I grew up with on my block back home. Whether it was just sitting and talking on the hood of someone’s car or playing cards and drinking Boone’s Farm (cause we were cool like that).


It’s Been Awhile – Staind: There’s a lot packed into this song. It’s very heavy for me. It came out when my husband and I were separated. It was a very torturous time for both us that forced us both to look at things that we had been ignoring and shutting down. The first time I ever heard it was when he bought me the CD and asked me to listen to the track. That song spoke a thousand words that weren’t heard by anyone else but us.

Innocent – Our Lady Peace: If you know this song, imagine thousands singing along with the chorus, on a hot summer night, next to a lake.  It was a beautiful moment I got to share with my sister.

Anytime – Brian McKnight: Anything by Brian McKnight reminds me of Darryl for some reason. But this song in particular because it was popular around the time that we went our separate ways and there was still this thing between us. That invisible string between our hearts. That wish that we had never crossed that line in our friendship and trying to figure out how to forget what we found when we did.

More Bounce to the Ounce – Zapp & Roger: ROLLERSKATING for starters. This is my jam, ya’ll. If you don’t know then you better ask somebody.


Question of the day: What song has the deepest memory attahced to it for you and why? OR  if you have one, what song reminds you of me and why?

9 thoughts on “Songs & Memories

  1. Sweet memories of Arms Wide Open!!!  I love that song.  But, I’ve changed the words to it, so now when I hear it, hubby and I sing, “with thighs or legs, wide open…..hee hee. 
    Lordy, when I was younger I drank the Boones Farm wine, too.  Tickled Pink.  The memories….
    I sent you an email. 

  2. “When In Rome” by the Promise reminds me of my ex, the one who raped me. (Sorry so heavy.) He loved that song and played it all the time. Whenever I hear it, I stop in my tracks, and if I’m in the wrong mood, it can be really upsetting and ruin my day.

  3. Ohh ok. I am going there now and I’ll be done in December. Then I am finishing my bachelor’s online once I am married and living in Germany. Campus HAS changed alot, it’s crazy. They waste all of our overprice tuition >:o

  4. I’ll have to get back to you on the song that has the biggest memory for me.
    The song for you – Baby Got Back or that song about the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (sp?) or Bust a Move Boy…hahaha!

  5. yeah! bounce to the ounce. definitely roller skating memories for me too! this was the perfect song for it.
    btw – haven’t been in a while. maybe time for me to head on over to the rink again 🙂

  6. So much for “The wind beneath my wings” or soemthing sentimental, huh? Baby Got Back and Bust a Move ….. LOL. See that right there shows soooooo much about my character. I’m goofy I know it. Those are two of the songs I am most likely to jump up and act like an ass too, so yeh, I see why those would be your picks….lol. At least you really know me and my inner black girl.

  7. Anyway, in the response to your comment about Wolf Creek and Hostel. Hostel was scary, yes, and the eyeball scene was more gross than scary. Wolf Creek was true and it just freaked the absolute shit out of me. I hate true shit about really psycho people. Same with Texas Chainsaw Massacre…shivers! Anyway, that may be weird, but those movies terrified me. The concept of WC was scary, the acting was horrible.

  8. there’s a christian song called Jesus In Your Eyes by Julie Miller. i was engaged once before i married my hubby, and this was a song that was supposed to be in that wedding. i have trouble listening to it to this day because that song was sooo true of me and my ex fiancee and sometimes i feel bad that i left such a wonderful man, although it lead me to the INCREDIBLE man i ended up marrying. so all’s well that ends well, eh?

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