What have I gotten myself into?

Whatever thoughts I had that taking my classes online would be “easier” are now gone….completely. Those notions were definitely foolish. Yes, it will be easier to not have to worry about getting to a physical classroom and all that jazz, but the workload is still the same. The papers, the studying, the research, the exams. Good lordy, how did I forget this?

(talking to self)

Stephanie, you can do this. You did this working a full-time job and taking more than 4 classes a semester. YOU CAN DO THIS! You always find time for what everyone else needs from you and now is the time to finish what you started and make the time for what you need. Stop feeling guilty for taking the time to accomplish your goals. It is your time. You have sacraficed to get where you are and look at all you’ve accomplished and survived. You can do THIS. You will.


My husband could quite possibly be a genius. Shhh, don’t tell him.  When we were talking about putting our patio in, my husband said,

Just think, hun…if I get you a laptop and get that patio finished before your classes start, you could sit on the patio and do your work while the kids play in the yard.” and at the time … I thought he was just looking to con me into spending the money on the patio. Today…I realize he was SOOOO right (shhh, dont tell him).  I’m sittinghere on my patio, getting way more done than I could’ve ever hoped for (hence, why I have time to update my journal for the 2nd time today) and the kids are playing in the yard, having a great time and I don’t have to feel guilty, I’m not stressed, there’s beautiful weather ((sigh)) I’m just a lucky girl.

I’m sure I’ll find an appropriate way to convey my gratitude later this evening.

3 thoughts on “What have I gotten myself into?

  1. it’s definitely refreshing to be able to do work outside while breathing in the fresh air. I remember doing that in college. it made me feel so studious 🙂
    never to late to learn new stuff, that’s what my pop would say.

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