Ode to my GYN

I love my OB/GYN. He’s just the nicest guy in all the world and he makes me feel wonderful. He hugs me everytime I see him. He laughs at all my sarcastic jokes about our “relationship” and how weird it is that he only sees me like twice a year but manages to get me out of my pants on every occasion…lol. I went to see him today to do an adjustment on my back. This is the other fringe benefit of seeing him, I get to pay $15 copay for a chiropractic adjustment instead of the $65-200 a chiropractor would charge me, because he’s a D.O. not just an M.D.

He walks in the room today and says, “I know you must be terribly upset not to get naked today and put on your fancy paper robe.”

Then, after he fixed my rib, I sat up and moaned and said, “Who knew something could feel that could without even taking my clothes off. You’re a miracle man. I love you.” We both started cracking up laughing and he said, “You’re gonna make people wonder about us.”

I’m sure he probably has this playful banter with all the women he treats, but for the 10mins I get to see him, he makes me feel like I’m his favorite patient and that he sincerely cares. So I keep going back for the ego boost..lol

My back feels so much better. I’ve been in a kick ass mood since having that taken care of, been pretty darn productive too. Trying to get somewhat organized.

I watched ‘Hoodwinked’ with the kids this morning. It actually made me laugh out loud. Pretty darn funny for a kids’ flick.

Check out this site for a free service that will send all kinds of community alerts  (weather, amber, school, sexual offender, crime, fire….etc) to your e-mail, messenger or cell phone.

Classes start tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Ode to my GYN

  1. What fun banter the two of you have.  Made me smile.  Mine is nice, but it’s a woman, so I might feel a little weird if she started saying such things to me. 🙂

  2. I definitely do not have that sort of relationship with my Gyno… in fact due to all the nether region issues I’ve had in recent years (the cancer scare), I don’t at all even pretend to enjoy it.  I tell her loudly and bluntly when it hurts and I constantly gripe about how she needs to get a prettier colored duck to shove inside me!

  3. I LOVE that you watch Oprah too! Most of the time, I feel so silly starting conversations with “Oh, I was watching Oprah today…..” to people who obviously don’t watch it.
    Oh, and I signed up for that free service. I’m all about being aware of the evil predators in my neighborhood.
    haha, you make me laugh. Why not love the gyno? I fugre if someone’s gonna be all up in my girlie parts, and they’re not buyin me a drink, they better be a funny man with a degree in gyno-isms.

  4. have fun at classes tomorow 🙂
    btw – i really wanted to watch hoodwinked but my stoopid friends never want to give animated movies a chance (i really wanted to go see The Wild and Curious George, lol). well, i guess I’ll just have to see it alone…

  5. Good luck…you’ll be fine. My summer class starts in 6 weeks! Ack 😛
    RYC..Mom does look tired…she had been up for  like 5 mins when I took it, haha

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