Shit I did while I wasn’t here

My night out with Crazie Friday was just what I needed. She took me out to Cheeseburgers in Paradise and treated me to a huge glass of Sangria and of course…cheeseburgers as a way to celebrate my return to school. Had never been there before and rather enjoyed myself. At first, I thought the lounge singer was really cheesy, but then I realized that maybe that was the point and started singing along. Or maybe that was the huge glass of sangria kicking in. We had a very cool bar maid named, Jessica, who kept us entertained with her sarcasm and ability to throw full pints of beer across the bar without spilling them. It was all very ‘Cocktail‘ like. Stopped by and visited a friend’s bar and had a Jell-O shot she pawned off on us. Then over to Chuck’s Steakhouse to people watch and see First Offense, who kicked ass!

We started working on the patio in the back yard this weekend. We got all the edging up, got the fire pit set up and husband finished about 1/3 of the surface area. It’s going to be really nice when it’s all done. I’m thinking maybe we’ll have everyone over and have drinks by the fire. Really looking forward to that. We were supposed to go see his Dad’s band play out Saturday night but he said he didn’t want to go and we went on a date by ourselves. (gasp)

I got my enrollment completed for school. Paid my deposit. I am officially a college student … again. Got registered in my first classes. Still waiting for UofA to process my transcript request so I can find out how many of my credits will transfer and what classes I DON’T have to take … again.  Hopefully, I can get my orientation done tomorrow. The plan is to finish my Bachelor’s online ASAP so that I can still be home with the kiddos and then about the time I’m wrapping this up my baby girl will be headed to Kindergarten and then I can start working or go to Law School. I’m interested in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Family Law kinds of things. It’s a little more expensive to do this online, but well worth it since I can still be at home. That’s my top priority. I’ll just be really happy and feel accomplished to have my Bachelor’s before I turn 30.

What I’d really like to be when I grow up is a guardian ad litem. They are like lawyers issued to find/protect the best interests of a child in court cases, whether it be victim rights in criminal cases or being an advocate for a child in a custody dispute. They don’t work for either side, they work for the child and having seen what I’ve seen through the court systems, that interests me a lot.

Pickle had his neurology appt at Children’s hospital. Took all 3 kids this time which was pretty funny. They are good kids but put all 3 of them in a little tiny exam room with 1 toy and it’s survival of the loudest. lol.

Here’s a funny kid story for the week…. I took Diva to get new shoes the other day and she was looking at the boy shoes and I, of course, was trying to find her something girly. We finally compromised on a pair of pink, cavas, mary janes but  I showed her these Cinderella shoes that lite up and said,

“Are you sure you don’t want these princess shoes?”

She sighs, rolls her eyes, put her hands on her hips and says,

“Mom, please stop it. I want this shoe.”

Kinda mind blowing, watching her go from 3 to 13 right before my eyes.

My best friend called me Sunday and wanted to do lunch, but with all the patio stuff going on, we postponed til Monday. We had good conversations. I got to pass off some of my favorite books to her. I also really like that she appreciates General Tso’s Chicken as much as I do. It was really good.

Now that I’ve rattled off a bunch of nonsense to waste time and try to tire myself out (and it didn’t work) I’ll go back to clearing out my CPU so I can sell it. The laptop my husband ordered me for school arrived this afternoon. I feel so grown-up using it. Did I mention that he somehow ended up ordering one for himself as well? Funny how that worked out. lol. Boys and their toys. He just couldn’t resist. This is like the time on my 20th birthday that he told me he wanted to take me to get my first tattoo and after my $55 tattoo on the small of my back … he dropped $120 on one that covered his whole forearm and the man had about 10 prior to this inking, but he just couldn’t resist. Ahh, whatever … he works hard. It’s nice that he’s able to treat himself to things as well. Despite being male … he’s alright.

Today is Ni’s ultrasound. She finds out the sex of the baby. I predict it’s a boy. I can’t wait to find out.

9 thoughts on “Shit I did while I wasn’t here

  1. i’d say the fist fight. AND YOU WERE A CONTESENT ON DOUBLE DARE? omg that has to be true! that was my all time favorite show! omg i wanted to be on that so bad. to go down the slide with the ice cream…oh!

    and when i was 16 and had to go to court about my stepfather, i had a guardian ad leitem..she was awesome and made me feel so good. congrats to you for doing that. what kind of schooling do you need to do that?

  2. wow. that’s great. officially back to college. you know, I was thinking about taking classes again. just so that the brain can get a workout – and you got a new laptop too! 🙂
    i like how chris got one for himself. haha
    ok, as for the lie in the six statements; i’m going to go with…6.

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